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Could We Be Your Perfect Home Builder?

Could We Be Your Perfect Home Builder?

Building a home is not just about building, its a team effort. Do you match Maiker Constructions?

Jeremy Verhey, Maiker Constructions - 1st September 2023

Every builder possesses unique specialties and areas of expertise. Some may concentrate on constructing specific types of structures, such as bathrooms, kitchens, or entirely new homes. Each builder refines their skills and knowledge in their respective fields and project types over time.


At Maiker Constructions, our specialization lies in renovations and additions, particularly focusing on contemporary and character Queenslander styles although we build all home types. Our focus is on timber construction and architectural finishes. Our solid track record in designing residential homes and delivering high-grade carpentry work positions us ideally for premium construction projects. 


Site Inspection Request (Questionnaire)


To establish if we're a perfect match for your project, we've compiled a comprehensive questionnaire aimed at understanding your home construction project needs and ensuring we match your expectations. We kindly ask you to provide as much detail as possible.


Let's set off on this exciting journey together!