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How to Design a Home - Architect, Home Designer Collaborated 

How to Design a Home - Architect, Home Designer Collaborated Projects.

How Maiker Constructions collaborates with Architects and Home Designers to design a home.

Jeremy Verhey, Maiker Constructions - 2nd September 2023


At Maiker Constructions, we offer two distinct design service methods for home construction projects; 1. Architect, Home Designer Collaborated Projects and 2. In house Design and Construction. 


Method 1: Architect, Home Designer Collaborated Projects


The first method we employ at Maiker Constructions is a partnership approach where we join forces with architects and home designers to orchestrate and craft home construction projects. This strategy is particularly advantageous for projects demanding specialist oversight in the realm of contemporary home design. Our goal is to harness their expertise to deliver maximum value to our customers. Our role at Maiker Constructions is to provide vital insights into construction methodologies and value engineering during both the conceptual design phase and construction documentation stages. This approach enables us to deliver essential cost analysis, thereby empowering our clients with the information they need to make informed decisions regarding design elements, inclusions, and costs. This reduces the chances of unexpected surprises along the way. This process also works for customers who have completed home design with an architect or home designer and are now looking to tender and build their home.


This process also works for customers who have completed home design with an architect or home designer and are now looking to tender and build their home.


The below steps “How to Design a Home” relate to this method.


Method 2: In-house Design and Construction


The second method is our in-house design and construction service, which is typically utilized for smaller projects for customers who have a clear understanding of their requirements and their project value does not exceed $300k. Maiker Constructions role involves inspecting the customers site and designing the home in accordance with the customers directions while pricing the home based on the design. This strategy allows us to offer a cost effective service for design and costing thereby equipping our customers with the knowledge they need to make well informed decisions about and costs and what they will get. 


This article relates to Method 1: Architect, Home Designer Collaborated Projects. If you believe that your project better suits In-house Design and Construction by Maiker Constructions, please refer to the article How to Design a Home - In-house Design and Construction.



How to Design a Home

Method 1: Architect, Home Designer Collaborated Projects


Site Inspection

Step 1: Site Inspection and Customer Brief


Maiker Constructions, along with the architect or home designer will conduct a site inspection of the proposed project to discuss the project brief and budget with the customer. During this meeting, we'll delve into topics such as the initial design concept, budgeting, tender documentation, quotations and building and development approvals.


To request this meeting, please complete the questionnaire in the article Could We Be Your Perfect Home Builder? 


Step 2: Preliminary Agreement


Maiker Constructions will provide the customer with a preliminary agreement, which will define all expenses tied to investigations, construction documentation, estimates, building and development approvals, and any fees incurred from regulatory bodies that is required. Once the client approves and has paid for this preliminary agreement, Maiker Constructions will mobilize the consulting team to start work on the client's home design documentation and complete the building approval and a building contract.

Preliminary Agreement


Conceptual Design

Step 3: Conceptual Design and Project Budget


The customer will collaborate with the architect or building designer to finalize the initial conceptual design of their project. Maiker Constructions will continually assess the concepts, suggesting any potential design efficiencies and value engineering before providing an estimated budget for the project. The architectural team and Maiker Constructions will continue refining the conceptual design until the client is satisfied with both the design and the projected cost.


Step 4: Tender Documentation, Project Quotation


The architect or building designer will work closely with the customer to finalize tender documentation, which includes plans, details of what's included in the project and engineering. Once this is accomplished, Maiker Constructions will deliver a comprehensive project quote and program, paving the way for the construction certification, contract and the project's kickoff.

Tender Documentation


Certification and Construction Documentation

Step 5: Certification and Construction Documentation


Once the client is satisfied with the final design documentation, Maiker Constructions and the architectural team will secure building approval for the home. Upon obtaining this approval, the architectural team will distribute documentation appropriate for construction and the drafting of the building contract.


Step 6: Construction Contract


Once the documentation appropriate for construction is finalized, Maiker Constructions will compose a domestic building contract (in the form of a Master Builders Agreement). This contract will encompass all documentation prepared thus far, along with the project timeline and quote. Upon signing the contract by both parties, the construction process can begin.

Construction Contract


Further Help and Questions


Should you require further details on home design process, feel free to reach out to us. You can request a callback by filling out the form below, or schedule a site visit from our construction team by completing the Could We Be Your Perfect Home Builder? questionnaire and submitting a site inspection request.


We're excited about the prospect of collaborating with you on your home renovation and house-raising project.


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